Rhinase Lubricating Nasal Mist 30mL (3 Pack)

Rhinase Lubricating Nasal Mist 30mL (3 Pack)


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3 pack - Rhinase Mist 30mL 

The Rhinase Difference

  • Effective relief from nasal dryness symptoms
  • Contains two wetting agents in addition to two types of salt that allow the nasal cavity to be moisturized efficiently. 
  • Doctor Recommended
  • Safe for everyday use



Multiple Moisturizers

Dual wetting agents & dual salts formulation, which offers the best chance to keep the nose moisturized and healthy

Aloe, Dye & Fragrance Free

No negative reaction to odors or dyes

No Medicine interactions

Safe to use with other cold, allergy and sinus products

pH Balanced for the Nose

A pH of 6.2 leaves less chance for stinging 

Non Habit-Forming

 Safe for daily use 

 Rhinase relieves dryness and irritation in and around the nose (nasal passages) caused by:

    • Allergy
    • Nose bleeds 
    • Cold & Flu
    • Low Humidity
    • Stuffy Nose 
    • Chronic Sinusitis

Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews Write a review
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Profounda Rhinase Lubricating Nasal Mist 30mL (3 Pack) ReviewProfounda Rhinase Lubricating Nasal Mist 30mL (3 Pack) Review

Review of Rhinase Combo Pack

I discovered your product by accident in the fall of 2018 watching the tail end of a Kathy Ireland infomercial. At the time I was experiencing up to 5 nose bleeds today and my nasal passage were completely stopped up. Having used your combo pack for about 15 months I am very pleased with the results. Nose bleeds have been reduced dramatically and I can breath much better.

William M.
United States United States


It was fun discussing Rhinase with Kathy Ireland. What a nice person.


Rhinase Lubricating Nasal Mist

The bottles are a little bigger than the ones I’ve been using, which makes them a bit more difficult to handle, but the product is so good that I’ll continue to use it.

Terry D.
United States

great stuff

quick service and perfect product

Carol G.
United States United States

Nasal discomfort all gone!

After suffering with dry nose last winter, and now allergy season, I finally found and tried Rhinase Nasal Mist. "A squirt in the morning, a squirt at night, works exactly right!" Rhinase mist gives profound relief to my dry nose. Next step is to order the Rhinase gel to keep in my purse so it will be accessible for me to use wherever I might be. I recommend Rhinase products to anyone who suffers from nasal discomfort ... They really work!

Margaret W.
United States United States

Best nasal lubricating mist on the market.

Gives me quick relief from sinus pressure.

Barbara T.
United States United States

Quality product

Excellent product. Both the spray and nasal lubricating gel have helped eliminate my frequent nosebleeds. Thank you,

Lynne Y.
United States United States

Best nasal lubricating mist on the market.

I have been using this product for years and do not intend to substitute it with any other brand.

Barbara T.
United States United States

Great product!

I have chronic sinusitis and it only gets worse as I age. I’ve tried the Saline sprays, all brands, but nothing compares to this spray gel! An ENT doctor in Jackson, MS, gave me a sample after I went through 4 rounds of antibiotics for a sinus infection last year! This is my 3rd time to order Rhinase! It has decreased the number of sinus infections I have because my nasal passages stay moist longer! It’s easy to order on the website, I have never had issues.

Beverly L.
United States United States

Great product

I have been using Rhinase for years. It has helped keep my nasal passages clear. This helped when I would bee sleeping.

Emory O.
United States United States

Super speedy delivery of our favorite OTC nasal spray!

Frank S.
United States United States