Rhinase Lubricating Nasal Mist

Rhinase Lubricating Nasal Mist


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About the Product
  • ALLERGY SPRAY - DUAL SALT FORMULATION - This Nasal lubricating Mist has a dual salt formulation. having both salts (sodium and potassium) allows to naturally moisturize nasal passages
  • DRY NOSE needs MULTIPLE Nasal MOISTURIZERS - Unique dual wetting agent formula provides great moisture to the nasal passages.This Listing is for more than just Saline mist spray, check other listings for Nasal moisturizing gel.
  • Unlike FLONASE - STEROID FREE - No negative effects of steroids including dryness. Safe for children
  • pH BALANCED at 6.2 - The right pH for the normal nose and the same as your steroid sprays so it wont interfere with the steroids effectiveness or cause nasal stinging or nosebleeds.
  • DOCTOR RECOMMENDED BY EAR NOSE AND THROAT SPECIALISTS - Clinically proven effect (Both Nasal Gel Spray

Assembly Instructions
1. Assemble unit by removing cap
from bottle of solution and replace
with atomizer pump.
Remove protective cap from
2. Prime or load atomizer by fi rmly
and rapidly pressing the bottle
upwards until a fi ne spray is
produced. It is not necessary
to repeat this procedure unless
Rhinase® is used infrequently or
the unit is disassembled.
3. Prior to the administration of
Rhinase®, turn your head away from
the bottle and blow your nose gently.
Return your nose over the nozzle
on the bottle, then tilt head slightly
forward. Insert nozzle into nostril.
Close other nostril with fi nger.
4. Point atomizer toward back of
nose and press bottom of bottle
fi rmly and quickly (each depression
produces one measured dose).
5. Remove atomizer and roll head
backwards to allow Rhinase®
to spread over back of nose.
Repeat for other nostril.
Replace protective cap.


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