Rhinase X Nasal Mist | 30 ml
Rhinase X Nasal Mist | 30 ml
Rhinase X Nasal Mist | 30 ml
Rhinase X Nasal Mist | 30 ml
Rhinase X Nasal Mist | 30 ml
Rhinase X Nasal Mist | 30 ml

Rhinase X Nasal Mist | 30 ml

COMPARE TO FLONASE NASAL SPRAY and FLONASE SENSIMIST -Benefit without the need for drugs.  Use as often as you would like. DUAL WETTING AGENT: Multiple nasal moisturizers keep your nose from drying out unlike nasal steroids like Flonase DUAL SALT FORMULATION: Contains both sodium and potassium to help naturally moisturize the nasal passages using the bodies natural moisturize sodium potassium pump. STEROID FREE: This nonsteroidal spray is a great alternative to steroid nasal sprays; No dryness or other negative effects of steroids; Safe for children DOCTOR RECOMMENDED: Clinically-proven and doctor-recommended by allergist, ear nose and throat specialists Xylitol is a sugar alcohol. It looks and tastes like sugar- but that's really where the comparison ends. Whereas Sugar wreaks havoc on the body- Studies show that Xylitol can actually aid your body! In fact, your body makes its own xylitol in small quantities. Adding xylitol to Nasal Spray has been shown to aid in the moisturizing process for longer lasting relief!
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Rhinase X Nasal Gel

Benefits of Rhinase X:
  • Medication free so no drug side effects
  • Promotes a healthy nose that is moisturized to keep dryness away.  
  • Extra wetting agents support f healthy nasal mucosa integrity
  • Contains both potassium and sodium to help support your bodies way to keep cells moisturized
  • The additional Xylitol is also seen as a great natural ingredient to provide moisture relief

Part of the Rhinase family of Nasal Sprays and Gels for nasal dryness

Using both Rhinase X Nasal Gel and Nasal Mist helps to deal with nasal dryness throughout the nasal sinus and nasal cavity.  Only Rhinase X has multiple ways to help moisturize the sinuses and nasal cavity.  Wetting agents, the right pH, xylitol and sodium and potassium ios all work together to give a drug free relief to nasal dryness.
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Why Choose Our Products?

Because they are safe and effective at relieving the symptoms of dry nose which are congestion, post nasal drip, itchiness and sneezing.  Nosebleeds are often caused by dry nose and Rhinase X can help. 
  • Rhinase X is available in both nasal spray and nasal gel form. The choice is yours and some people with severe dryness use both

  • Only Rhinase X has the power of dual wetting agents and dual minerals along with xylitol to offer great moisturization benefits

  • The right pH means less stinging and also wont interfere if you are taking a steroid spray as well such as Flonase or Nasacort

  • Rhinase X is drug free and non habit forming. No chance of rebound congestion