Rhinase has no dyes like AYR Gel does.  Why - Just not needed!

Dye contained in AYR but Not Rhinase

No Steroids are needed for the relief of nasal congestion, stuffiness, nosebleeds, rhinorhea caused by nasal dryness.  Rhinase has a unique wetting agent formulation that provides relief without the need of steroid drugs.

You don't need steroids for control of allergy symptoms

No Aloe is needed or desired to be placed into the nose.  Aloe is great fro other areas like burns on the skin but in the nose it can be toxic and frankly just isnt needed if you have a good formulation.

Aloe not good for the nose


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Nasal dryness results in sneezing, itchiness, congestion and post nasal drip.  Profounda has natural and drug free solutions to help with the symptoms of nasal dryness as well as the only oxymetazoline gel for the treatment of nasal congestion.