Wetting Agents



Rhinase is made of dual wetting agents which unlike Ocean or AYR are more than just salt water formulations. See the time lapse video above to show how long lasting Rhinase is as compared to more simple mixtures.


Wetting agent lower surface tension 

Wetting agents are chemical substances that increase the spreading and penetrating properties of a liquid by lowering its surface tension - that is, the tendency of its molecules to adhere to each other at the surface. The surface tension of a liquid is the tendency of the molecules to bond together, and is determined by the strength of the bonds or attraction between the liquid molecules. A wetting agent stretches theses bonds and decreases the tendency of molecules to bond together, which allows the liquid to spread more easily across any solid surface. Wetting agents can be made up of a variety of chemicals, all of which have this tension-lowering effect. Wetting agent is also known as surfactant.

Wetting Agents needed for long lasting effect of nasal moisturizers

Nasal Wetting Agents

Similar to Steroid sprays, Rhinase contains two wetting agents in order to disperse the hyoptonic dual salt and wetting agent solution throughout the nasal mucosa so that it:

  • Creates a protective barrier from nasal irritants

  • Helps to retain moisture in the cells and prevent evaporation

  • May decrease nasal stuffiness, rhinorrhea, and sneezing by relieving nasal mucosal irritation.

  • For the patient with dried, encrusted, or thick mucus, these agents can help in its removal.

  • No significant side effects have been noted; therefore, these agents are safe in patients with medical conditions that preclude them from using other pharmacologic therapies.

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