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Xynase is a natural, safe, and effective saline nasal spray targeting dry nasal symptoms associated with allergies, nose bleeds, medications and more! Xynase is like your regular saline sprays- but MORE. with the addition of doctor recommended xylitol, this nasal spray works with your body to repel bacteria and mositurize your nose for effective- long lasting relief! Try Xynase today!


Xylitol is a sugar alcohol. It looks and tastes like sugar- but that's really where the comparison ends. Whereas Sugar wreaks havoc on the body- Studies show that Xylitol can actually aid your body! In fact, your body makes its own xylitol in small quantities. Adding xylitol to Nasal Spray has been shown to  aid in stopping bacteria from adhering to your nasal walls and aids in the moisturizing process for longer lasting relief!

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