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Keeping it Personal.

Here with the Rhinase team at Profounda,Inc, we believe in providing great products and service. We took on the Rhinase products because we ourselves were frustrated with the saline sprays and nasal drugs already available to us. We believed, correctly, that there was something in the market that was missing. Something More Than Just a Saline, but not as harsh as a drug. Something that soothed our nasal passages, was effective but without side effects associated with steroids. Rhinase was the answer to that void. We hope that you love our products as much as we do!


Our Product.


  • DUAL SALT FORMATION. Having both salts (sodium and potassium) allows the product to naturally moisturize nasal passages in conjunction with your noses own natural mechanisms.
  • STEROID FREE - No negative effects of steroids including dryness. Safe for children
  • pH BALANCED at 6.2 - The right pH for the normal nose and the same as your steroid sprays so it wont interfere with the steroids effectiveness or cause nasal stinging or nosebleeds.
  • FRAGRANCE FREE - No smells adding to your discomfort!



Our Start.

Rhinase was first introduced into North America as "Rhinaris" in the early 1980's. It was the FIRST product of its kind that utilized the formulation of a steroid spray, without the use of an actual steroid. In many of the cases, studies showed that the moisturizing benefits of the Rhinase formulation was all that the patient needed for nasal relief and this new steroid-free formulation was safer to use, especially for patients daily use!
Rhinase nasal care products include solutions to relieve dryness and irritation in and around the nose (nasal passages) caused by dry and/or crusty noses, as well as blocked and stuffy noses. Rhinase gently hydrates the nose on a daily basis resulting in effective relief of  unwanted nasal  symptoms.  All Rhinase products are extremely safe and effective with  no rebound effect and are non-addictive!
Some nasal products only use salt to moisturize the nasal passages, however, relying on salt alone may not be enough to alleviate your symptoms and side effects resulting from high concentrations of salt should be a concern.  If you use too much salt, or water that is too hot or too cold, you can actually make your mucus problems worse!  The Rhinase formulation utilizes a dual salt formulation combined with unique dual wetting agents as a complete formulation, not just salt and buffer in a pack. Rhinase also has the added benefit of providing a metered dose! This means no need to mix your own salt! 
The Rhinase formulation allows for a lower level of salt than otherwise available with other formulations. Rhinase is a safe and effective way to moisturize and alleviate irritating nasal symptoms and can be used daily with no unwanted side effects. Rhinase creates quick effective relief that cant be duplicated with home remedies.


Did you Know?

Nasal discomfort associated with dry and/or crusty noses can be managed with simple nasal care and the right product.

Rhinase is steroid free safe for Adults, Children, AND Pregnant Women!

A 2010 nasal allergy survey revealed that nearly 64 percent of patients discontinue the use of nasal steroid prescriptions due to the unwanted side effects. Rhinase doesn't have these unwanted side effects and is safe for everyday use!

What are the main causes of dry and/or crusty noses?

  • Low air humidity potentially due to winter months
  • Indoor heating systems or air conditioning
  • Long periods in aircraft and/or hotels
  • Increase in age, including post-menopausal women
  • Damage caused by radiation treatments to the head or throat area
  • May also occur as a result of nasal allergy medication use (such as intranasal corticosteroids)
  • May also occur as a result of oral medications that show side effect of dry and/or crusty noses
  • May also occur because of CPAP treatment


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