The Rhinase Difference

Salt Sprays are not all the same
Some manufacturers think all you need is salt and a buffer to moisturize your nose, and then expect you to make it yourself! Salt solutions have their role but they may not be the best solution to moisturize your nasal cavity.

Too much Salt can actually damage the cilia in your nose. "salt sprays" alone may not be enough to allow your body to naturally heal nasal issues- in fact, salt alone may damage your nose! You may need more than just sodium salt to allow your bodies own moisturizing mechanism to work. The dual salt formulation in Rhinase makes sure that BOTH sodium and potassium are available in order for your bodies own natural mechanisms to work effectively.

Dual Wetting Agents 
The unique thing about Rhinase is that in addition to dual salts as  moisturizers, the product also contains two wetting agents that help to spread out the liquid to cover and protect the delicate nasal tissues helping to maintain moisture inside the nasal cavity.

A choice between mist or gel
People need a choice in allergy products and Rhinase comes both as a metered dose mist as well as a longer lasting gel formulation.  Both products offer the benefits of a dual salt, dual wetting agent formulation.

The Importance of pH

pH matters and many saline sprays claim to be pH "balanced" at pH 7.0, but the pH balance for the nose is actually different at pH 6.2 (which is slightly acidic).  The pH of your steroid spray also has a similar pH to make sure that the nasal steroid is absorbed effectively.  Using a salt spray at the wrong pH could actually negatively impact the effectiveness of the steroid spray.

Rhinase has a pH of 6.2 to match that of the nose and your steroid spray so its comfortable to use and wont interfere with the effectiveness of your steroid spray.

Featured collection

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