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Rhinase Soothing Nasal Gel 30g (3 Pack)

Rhinase Soothing Nasal Gel 30g (3 Pack)

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The Rhinase Difference

  • Effective relief from nasal dryness symptoms
  • Contains two wetting agents in addition to two types of salt that allow the nasal cavity to be moisturized efficiently. 
  • Doctor Recommended
  • Safe for everyday use



Multiple Moisturizers

Dual wetting agents & dual salts formulation, which offers the best chance to keep the nose moisturized and healthy

Aloe, Dye & Fragrance Free

No negative reaction to odors or dyes

No Medicine interactions

Safe to use with other cold, allergy and sinus products

pH Balanced for the Nose

A pH of 6.2 leaves less chance for stinging 

Non Habit-Forming

 Safe for daily use 

 Rhinase relieves dryness and irritation in and around the nose (nasal passages) caused by:

    • Allergy
    • Nose bleeds 
    • Cold & Flu
    • Low Humidity
    • Stuffy Nose 
    • Chronic Sinusitis
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